Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Koroni....and Pictures

I walked into Koroni today - quite successfully I might add. I didn't get lost, and made it there in an hour and fifteen minutes, when everyone assured me it would take at least an hour and a half.

It is a beautiful walk, or quite possibly I should call it a hike. A hike of death. It led me up hills and down hills and around the edge of cliffs and down narrow paths.

But it was worth it, because Koroni is spectacular. The first thing I did was hit up Flisvos - a taverna specializing in fish. I sat outside, right next to the water, and watched boats go by, and read my P.D. James until my lunch came. I wanted to try the moussaka, but since I was at a place specializing in fish....

So I asked for the daily catch. It came. It was a whole fish. Not skinned, not deboned, not anything. I think it is a testament to how hungry I was, that I didn't ask him to take it away. Quite possibly, at any other time, I would have gone that route.

But today, with the sea breeze and the chatter of the lunching germans next to me, I courageously ate my fish, and deboned it in such a way as to make even Julia Child proud. The fish was spectacular. No joke.

And then, I just wandered. I got some new clothes pins for when I dry my laundry, because I have broken all the ones that were here, and I found a health food store (oh GLORY!) and got some exorbitantly priced Hazlenut milk, hoping it would be somewhat like the almond milk I am desperately missing. It's not, but it is...interesting.

AS I made my way past the main square, I heard my name yelled. My first thought was a completely panicked "I hope there is no one here who knows me, I am NOT prepared for surprise visitors." I looked up, very hesitantly, and waving at me in the most friendly fashion ever, was the farmer who lives near me. Last Sunday he passed me on my back from Harokopio, and insisted on giving me a ride. I didn't speak his language, and he didn't speak mine, but we got along just fine. He seems like a fabulously nice person. Always cheerful, always smiling.

I was going to take the bus back from Koroni into Harokopio, but I didn't want to wait for it. So, even though it looked like a thunder storm was imminent, I headed back from whence I had come.

By the time I stumbled into my cottage, I was exhausted beyond belief, and I have been lying on my couch ever since, only getting up to make more tea and get more food. It's amazing how these outdoor hilly walks make me eat like a ravening beast, and drink till I have to pee about ever 10 minutes.

Check out the photo stream to your right. I added a bunch of pictures, and even captioned some of them. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Mary, it's Daddy.
    Your pictures are beautiful
    Is that bouganviella? (sp?)
    Don't talk to strangers