Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bikinis. Oh, the bikinis.

I have observed something during my forays to the beach, here in Greece.

No woman - no matter her age, her physical fitness, how pregnant she is, how many children she has delivered, how much the glories of menopause have sucked the elasticity from her skin - I repeat: no woman finds it necessary to wear anything more than the smallest type of bikini.

Part of me is continually horrified at what child bearing does to one's abdomen, part of me thinks that plastic surgery and diamond dust skin rejuvenation cream might, after all, be a necessity for my future, part of me wants to summon the energy to run for the hills, and part of me is in absolute admiration of the chutzpah all around me.

Some of these women look hideous in a "I don't have the words to describe this" kind of way. But they really, really, really, don't seem to care. I find this slightly entrancing.

Its a "Well, more power to you," kind of situation.

On the upside, the general trend towards men in speedos, which I had read so very much about, seems to be diminishing. Knee length board shorts seem to be the general trend.

Thank you, Buddha.


  1. The absolute shame and indignity of it all. No woman should ever be wearing less than these LOVELY ladies: